PURM 17 teclas Kalimba africano sólido caoba dedo pulgar Fortepijonas Sanza 17 teclas de madera maciza Kalimba mbra pulgar

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Prekės Pavadinimas PURMTaikoma Žmonių Profesinės VeiklosTipas Vertikaliai Fortepijonas

Žymos: kalimba plieno, popieriaus fortepijonas, klaviatūra yamaha, Klaviatūros klavišus, mano saldus fortepijonas pliušas, midi thru, gecko muzika, klaviatūros, fortepijonas, kalimba medienos, kalimba pikapas.

Dong Dong 2020-12-06

Will go only as a toy or an interior thing. The case is badly processed. Between the ears of the cat are Burr. The rear acoustic holes are uneven to look at (in another way you can not say), sharp, with burrs. On the body are traces of glue. Note mi third octave (the last small key with the inscription 3) does not sound. In the hands to hold inconvenient, it is difficult to reach the bottom keys. It was packed well: a box, 2 layers of air polyethylene and a calimbe cover. There are no complaints to the seller, but the workmanship and sound of the instrument is low. It is necessary to take ling ting, Kimi or gecko to sound normal.

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