Naujos aušros originali dėžutė pakuotės 6P6P vamzdis J pakeisti 6V6GT (bakelite sėdynė)

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Modelio Numeris elektronų vamzdisNaudojimas Žemos ĮtamposNesilaikantiems Pajėgumus aukštasSaugos Standartai 12Medžiaga Keramika

Žymos: 6l6, 6sl7, vakuuminis vamzdis, el34, 6p1, 6l6 vamzdis, 6n3, 6p6p vamzdis, el84, aliuminio vamzdis.

Melowsavit 2020-12-29

Not only did the lamps come from different batches, but also very bad quality. One radio lamp came with internal damage: If you shake it, then you can hear the characteristic sounds of the destroyed internal parts (do not confuse with a light ringing grid). Such lamps categorically refuse to put in the equipment even for a sample, you can output the amplifier. Be sure to check all the lamps before installation in the equipment -- at least slightly shake it. If there are loud sounds-it is better to not even try to install such a lamp in the device. The seller ignored my appeal, did not even answer it. Categorically do not recommend the seller and his product. Turn around.

Meendiye 2020-09-23

Looks good, didn't test yet.

Mamzikova Pvl 2021-01-14

I don't try it yet, they came very fast!

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