1x 3630mAh bateriją FL40 Už Motorola Moto X 3A Moto X Dual Play XT1543 XT1544 XT1560 XT1561 XT1562 XT1563 XT1565

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Baterijos Tipas Li-polimeroPritaikymas Už Moto X 3A Moto X Dual Play XT1543 XT1544 XT1560 XT1561 XT1562Prekės Pavadinimas OHDModelio Numeris FL40spalva BaltaOriginalus ar Ne SuderinamasNaudoti Pakeitimas / ĮkrovimoStandartinė Įtampa 3.8 VDCBaterijos Talpa(mAh) 3501mAh-5000mAhKokybės Sertifikavimo ceKilmės KN(Kilmės)pirkti Retail / BulkPritaikyti TaipSuderinamos Prekės "motorola"capcity 3425mAh 13Wh Min / 3630mAh 13Wh Tipas

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Aljene Adik 2020-08-24

Получил долгожданную батарею как поставлю сразу же отпишусь ....Ждём другие товары от вас...

Mariachi110 2020-11-16

Got it until I checked.

Zaika Kkkk 2020-11-14

If you want to solve the power related problem of your phone, and at the moment your old battery is quickly discharged and off when charging 20 + or 30%, then with the installation of this battery will not change anything the seller wrote that the power of the battery is different. My original battery has such power, and it looks thicker. After installing the battery bought in this store, the phone became thinner, the decorative cover was badly worn and large slots formed between the element of plastic around the camera and the decorative lid. I had to glue the sealer. The charge of a new battery is enough for me as much as an old one... Sad. Where to buy a normal battery-then? PS: the tools included in the package are useless. I had to buy new ones.

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