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Drabužių Ilgis ReguliariaiPrekės Pavadinimas MOOIRUE DRABUŽIAITipas megztinisApdaila NĖRARankovės Stilius ReguliariaiModelio Tipas KietasStilius AtsitiktinisMedžiaga PoliesterisRankovės Ilgis(cm) PilnasLytis MOTERISModelis/Dizainas Dot/RufflesAudinio Tipas BroadclothApykaklės Turn-žemyn Apykaklėssiūlome OEM,Dropshipping,Didmeninė prekyba,Pritaikytas

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Cliric Lee03 2020-09-30

I was on vacation and did not have time to get an order at the issue point, I was ready to pay the storage for one day yet, but the order sent back when I opened the dispute, I did not have the opportunity to choose just a refund and I chose to return the goods and money, apparently it was my mistake, Since ostensibly the seller is waiting to return the goods, and hooya I sent already track from DPD company and track shows, that the goods have already returned as a couple of weeks to the country of the sender, money is not returned to me, support Need letter from DPD that goods I did not receive, I these letters send, But now I'm told that I need a letter with a signature and a seal from the partner DPD point of issue, sitting there girl can not give out anything, and here I go in a closed circle and can't get the money back. The seller rewrites with me and writes that I must change the topic of the dispute-to refund money, but the dispute has already closed and I can't do anything.

Maloj Albert 2021-01-29

The parcel came to the cash register in five days for 8 days! I did not expect this speed! Usually I wear the size S, bought m, a little oversize, "shoulders" is not in place. The fabric is dense, pleasant. Some where the threads stick out, you can carefully trim.

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